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Review the Top Rated Carpet Brands - 2018 Best & Most Popular Carpet Manufacturers

#1 - Shaw

Shaw is a household name in the carpet industry. We are blown away by how many residential and commercial carpet lines they have. They have over a dozen different lines of carpet, all with their own unique characteristics, looks, and colors. Shaw has dedicated themselves to covering carpet and they are doing a good job. Just look at all of the choices you have. They sell four basic types of carpet for the home. They are listed below:

  • Texture-Uses Smooth twisted yarns
  • Loop-uses loops of varying size to create a textured look
  • Pattern: Visually stimulating design by using loops cut at various lengths and intervals
  • Twist: long cut pile Shaw calls “Frieze”. Super cushy. Really Soft.

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Residential Carpet

  • Philadelphia Carpets
  • Cabin Crafts
  • Queen Carpets
  • Sutton Carpets
  • American Home Carpets
  • Shaw-Home Foundation Flooring
  • Couture- Elegant Floors by Shaw
  • Shawmark

Commercial Carpet

  • Philadelphia Commercial-Heavily Concentrated Loop style Carpet with about 15% of the collection being offered in Pattern style. $1.50 to $5 per square foot. Shaw has over 400 colors in this line.
  • Queen Commercial—Affordable Commercial Carpet for Indoor/Outdoor - Offers Carpet and Carpet Tile- Carpet tiles are 24” X 24”. Offering 200 style in loop and about 60 in pattern. $1.50 to $5 per square foot.
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • PatCraft
  • Shaw Hospitality Group
  • Commercial Hard Service-Ceramic, Hardwood, and Laminate for commercial applications.

#2 Mohawk

Mohawk Carpet is another flooring giant located in the USA that has been around for a long time. They have over 100 years in the business of manufacturing carpets. They have three major collections, the Wundaweave, Horizon, and Aladdin Collection. Mohawk offers three different stain resisting levels: Weardated, Stainmaster, and Scotchguard. They offer three different constructions; Cut Pile, Loop Pile, and Cut Loop Pile.

What’s great about Mohawk is they actually give you a choice of warrantee you may purchase. Which one you choose depends on your confidence in your ability to keep the carpet in nice condition. If you have children and pets you may want to get the Elite (top of the line) stain guard; if you are more confident in your ability to keep the carpet in nice condition you may opt to choose one of the lower warranty packages; Elite (top of the line), Premier (Best), Preferred (Better), and Select (Good).

  • Wundaweve Collection
  • Horizon Collection
  • Aladdin Collection

#3 Karastan

Karastan is an impressive carpet manufacture located in Dalton, Georgia. They’ve got Berber, Cut & Loop, Cut Piles, and Shag; the basic textures that most carpet comes in. What impresses us about this manufacturer is the diverse patterns they have available. They have everything from Plaid to Animal Prints. Now, when was the last time you saw a carpet manufacturer dedicate a whole line towards African plains animal prints? Exactly.


  • Contemporary
  • Traditional/Persian
  • Animal Prints
  • Casual
  • Check/ Plaid/ Stripe
  • Trellis/Floral

#4 Milliken Floor Covering

Milliken has 18 patterns, specially designed. Each pattern has 6 to 20 different colors inside for you to choose from. With all the combinations you can create you really have a lot of choices. The carpets fall in the mid-range prices for carpet. They warrantee their carpet which shows their commitment to quality. If the carpet wears more than 10% in ten years then Milliken will replace the carpet for free. If that same carpet is not available after a decade they will replace your carpet with another carpet (of similar quality) of your choosing.

Milliken makes this list because of their unique styles. They are not producing the same, “run of the mill” beiges, grays, and creams that a lot of carpet manufacturers carry. They are coming up with some new stuff you haven’t seen. A lot of their carpets have fancy patterns. They even have Christmas carpet with Santa Claus! You have to do some poking around in their online showroom.

#5 Beaulieu of America

Beaulieu has a large offering of varying carpet types. They don’t have anything crazy, out of the ordinary. Their color schemes are predictable and they don’t venture off the beaten path. Don’t get me wrong! They’re nice colors and they cover the ones most people like and will choose! They just don’t have any unique colors. However, what they lack in color selection they make up for in Types of Carpet they offer. I mean, it’s not that easy to find a carpet company that still has a large “Shag” offering. That deserves some kudos. We especially like the Ballymore.

Types of Carpet

  • Berber
  • Loop
  • Pattern
  • Plush
  • Shag
  • Texture

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